Loïs Rancilhac

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Hi! I'm Loïs, a (mostly) self-trained (wannabe) generalist naturalist currently based in Cyprus. I've been a birder for more than a decade, but I've also been looking at herps, butterflies, dragonflies, orthoptera and fishes for some time. More recently, I've been trying to extend my scope, especially towards botany but my goal is to identify pretty much anything I can find.
I'm also an evolutionary biologist, studying speciation and phenotypic evolution using genomic approaches. My main study organisms are currently several bird radiations (wagtails - Motacilla, tinkerbirds - Pogoniulus, crossbills - Loxia), as well as the lizard Acanthodactyus erythrurus. (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=F9mlA2QAAAAJ&hl=fr)

I use iNaturalist mostly to get identifications on organisms that I don't know very well (mostly plants and invertebrates). I'm also actively identifying a few groups: mostly wagtails (mainly to map the subspecies of yellow wagtails and look for interesting phenotypes) and Orthoptera in the Western palearctic (my main focus). Don't hesitate to tag me if you think I can help you with an ID.

About my identification process: in general, I add an identification when it can improve or confirm the current taxonomic level of the observation, or if I disagree with the proposed identification. I sometimes add an identification to a higher taxonomic level (e.g., genus or family) if I don't think that it is possible to get to a finer taxonomic level, or if lack the knowledge to do so but I still think it is worth adding an identification (e.g., for obervations that don't receive any IDs, to avoid that they go ignored).
I might sometimes suggest an identification even if I'm not 100% sure, if I feel like it can help moving the identification process forward. In these cases I add a comment saying that my identification must be confirmed by someone else. In any case I'm always happy to discuss my IDs so feel free to reach out if you disagree or want more explanations.

VERY IMPORTANT: because of the above, but also because I sometimes make mistakes, it is really important not to agree with my IDs unless you could reach this ID independently. Pushing observations to research grade without strong elements is not helpful as it reduces the usefullness of iNat's data for scientific studies. For the same reason please don't add IDs to my observations without a good knowledge of the local species.

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