Malcolm Francis

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I am a former fisheries biologist and ecologist with NIWA, New Zealand. I worked on many coastal species including snapper. I have a particular interest in sharks, skates and rays, and was co-lead on a 10-year research programme tagging New Zealand great white sharks.
I have a long-standing interest in and maintain a public checklist of the fishes of Lord Howe, Norfolk and Kermadec islands, which are subtropical islands lying a similar latitude with an interesting mix of tropical, subtropical and temperate fish species..
I have spent more than 50 years scuba diving and taking underwater photographs around New Zealand and the South Pacific Ocean, and am in the process of sharing hundreds of these images on iNaturalist.
I have published 5 editions of my "Coastal Fishes of New Zealand" book. The 5th edition (2024) covers 267 species of fishes which are most likely to be seen by divers and fishers.

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