Mary Bushman

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Recipe for a happy life:
Take me outside, get dirt under my fingernails, and crawl along the ground seeking fascinating subjects from tiny to massive. I have been blessed with a long life of exploration in the Pacific Northwest, I grew up in western Oregon but now work in Eastern Oregon and Washington as a supporter of the East Cascades Oak Partnership. New to INaturalist in 2022 I have a lot of work to do to help add observations in our area of study. So glad to join the community.

A few factoids about me:
I love all plants! I love my garden veggies and granny flowers like geraniums and fuchsia's, but I most enjoy the hunt for native plants. I have a MS in Botany from Oregon State University. I retired after 11 years with the City of Portland working in support of natural area restoration and instigating the city of Portland's first full wetland inventory. Since 2018 I have worked for Columbia Land Trust supporting the East Cascades Oak Partnership.

Retired again in summer of 2023! Loving the time to slow down and really look! Planning a bioblitz for spring of 2024 in the Mosier area.

My current passion is all the plants, wildlife, insects, fungi that are associated with Oregon White Oak habitats in the East Cascades.

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