Mary Karen O'Neil

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My name is Mary Karen and I really love going outside.
INaturalist is a tool for me to learn as much as possible about the world around me. I have a special interest in bugs and Texan native plants. I hope to show that Texas is a beautiful and biodiverse place to live, and as I am constantly discovering new things about the ecosystem I am a part of, it makes life worth living.

I used to be heavily involved in agriculture as I raised my own goats and worked on a goat farm and spent a lot of time in a huge, open barn. This created great opportunities for me to start recording all of the gnarly insects that hang around livestock, and that evolved from there. I would peruse the huge open field behind the barn, accompanied by a baby goat, and get lost in all of the biodiversity I found in such an unassuming place.

Everyone needs a friend who isn't afraid to pick up a bug for them.

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