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aka Marty (he/his). I'm a botanist with New Mexico Forestry Division (Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department) and relatively recent immigrant to Albuquerque (NM) still learning the flora out here!

I work for the state's Rare and Endangered Plants Program, more info on which can be found here, and for all things NM rare plants see Also, if you observe (rare) plants in New Mexico, please consider joining our iNaturalist project to track and monitor state endangered species:

I occasionally link my herbarium collections with observations on here using QR codes on the specimen labels. If a particular iNaturalist observation has a corresponding specimen, the collection number will be cited in the comments as "MDP #", "M. Purdy #", "Purdy #" or some other combination of my name/initials and the collection number. These specimens can be located by searching the appropriate Symbiota portal or online herbaria consortium (e.g.,,

MS in Botany (2022) - California Botanic Garden / Claremont Graduate University (
BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & BA in Environmental Studies (2013) - UC Santa Cruz.

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