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Mother was a keen amateur botanist always searching to identify "wild" flowering shrubs seen in Natural areas (Eastern Cape - South Africa) and she was also a keen gardener. An interest I shared from teenage years. My more academic interest in identifying flora, fauna and range of "insects" only developed in later adulthood - mature years . Have been observing and trying to photograph flora - mainly in the Drakensberg when on holiday for last 20+ years. But not with an advanced camera. Since 2006 regularly photographing plants in our local (eThekweni) nature reserves and grater effort to learn to ID trees and flowering plants - botanical names.
Since 2000 a keen Indigenous gardener - quite a wide variety of Indigenous plants in my garden.
Have a store of many photos and of Indigenous plants in the natural areas and in own garden - and other gardens . The number that is of quality to enable positive Identification is much less. I want to contribute to i Naturalist to improve my understanding & knowledge.

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