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I'm an ecologist and life-long student of nature living on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. In my free time I enjoy exploring and documenting natural history in protected areas, close to and far from home.

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At several points where the road widened slightly we pulled off and did a little collecting in the cloud forest. Orchids, begonias, calceolerias, bomereas, four different species of fuchsias, and dozens of delicate ferns and lycopodiums. After several trips across the Andes, the pattern of the flora was gradually coming into focus. This to me was the great revelation of botany. When I knew nothing of plants, I experienced a forest only as a tangle of forms, shapes, and colors without meaning or depth, beautiful when taken as a whole but ultimately incomprehensible and exotic. Now the components of the mosaic had names, the names implied relationships, and the relationships resonated with significance. (Wade Davis, One River.)

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