Leland Anderson

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A 13 year old with autism and a massive passion for orchids since the age of 9.

I have a few journeys I am on; to discover new natural hybrids, to photograph all of Michigan's orchids, and to discover and research unique or new species. I really want to discover fascinating new hybrids and grow them, but I question if they even exist... That's why I want to create new hybrids. I don't need fame or attention for anything, for discovering a new species, or just for having so much knowledge at 13, I just want something to enjoy in life and maybe someone to walk the path with me on this journey.

The hybrids I plan on trying to find (if they exist) are a secret (check journal posts), because I feel like they don't exist and if someone comes around the corner telling me they do exist, or they don't exist, then I might be sad. Just don't blow the truth to me lol

2024 goals:

  • Make new friends on INaturalist
  • Find new orchids and observe them
  • Try to help people out the best I can

Mobile account: Jasper97611

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