Myung Jin (John) Kang

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Thompson Rivers University student - MSc Environmental Science.
University of Victoria - BSc Biology and Environmental Studies.

I focused on ecological restoration throughout my undergrad. I love working in Garry Oak ecosystems and learning about biodiversity!

Studying carbon sequestration for my Masters in the interior of BC.

I will eventually get around to keying out every plant of southern Vancouver Island on iNaturalist in hopes of teaching ecological restoration volunteers how to identify plants.

For now, my current goal is to learn all the vascular plants of BC by mid summer 2023. Realistically I will get around to about 2,500 - 3,000 out of 5,000+ but here's to trying.

Edit: apparently it takes 20+ years to get all ~3000 vascular plants in BC, but I'm determined to document all vascular plants in BC and the PNW (boundaries outlined in the Flora of the Pacific Northwest by Hitchcock and Cronquist).

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