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Hi, yes the photos I post in here are mine and many of them are found on stock photo sites mostly under the pseudonym Chase D'animulls for sale on stock sites like shutterstock, dreamstime, canstock, pixy, 123RF, Getty, Adobe stock, Vecteezy, wildlifereferencephotos, Alamy and Depositphotos. As of now thats all of them. Some of the ones posted here will have my real name watermarked on them from posting on Facebook. The stock site versions cant have that. I just recently deleted my profile on 8stock so not sure if they're on there any more. Also most of the pics are older and I don't know the date I took them. Newer pics I'll have dates on them and if they're good pics, will be on stock sites as well...LOVE this other app ID's as accurate as this..

Oh and every single animal was released back into the wild unharmed. Some may not have dates because the pics are old and some dates on old pics will be as accurate as my old Facebook posts show the dates

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