Otto De Groff

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Currently at Brigham Young University (Provo, UT) pursuing a M.S. degree in Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation. My research deals with growth rates of Great Basin bristlecone pine - across elevational gradients and between bristlecone pine and associated species in mixed conifer forests.

I love the Great Basin, especially western Utah. Some of my favorite ranges are the Confusion Range, House Range, Deep Creek Range, Wah Wah Range, Mountain Home Range, and the Snake Range. Old trees (of multiple species) attract my attention, but any neat plants are also fun to see.

Besides conifers, I am especially interested in Ranunculus andersonii, and its distribution in the eastern Great Basin. Going out to the desert in late March to see the first buttercups poke their heads through some limestone soil is pretty much the best thing on earth!

In the future, I hope to continue spending time in the Great Basin, looking at trees, and hiking to rugged peaks and through ancient forests of pine.

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