Donald L Packwood

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As you can see from my profile picture, I am a runner. This is me coming in 80+ second place in a 5 Km race just short of my 83rd birthday.

I have been passionate about science since I was a little kid. My first love was chemistry and then electronics, but my Ph.D. is in experimental, condensed matter physics. For my career, I invented processes to manufacture computer and cell phone chips, first for McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co., then National Semiconductor, and finally, Hewlett Packard.
I have also been passionate about nature all my life. For decades, I have been photographing wildflowers with the pipe dream of writing a book," Wildflowers of the San Francisco Bay Area". Time has passed me by. This is no longer necessary since iNaturalist.

I started by submitting plant observations that I observed and photographed with my cell phone while on runs and hikes this spring and summer. Recently, I have uploaded some observations from my archives and have switched to photographing birds.

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