David A. Harrison

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I am an amateur botanist hailing originally from Northeast Texas. I have no classical education with plants, having studied poli-sci during undergrad, so I am always learning. So feel free to correct me! I hope to soon pursue a career in academia/policy, where I can merge my knowledge of policy and politics and my love for the environment. Besides Inat, I enjoy the gym and books.

I'm somewhat of a generalist, but my specialties are the ecosystems found across the southeastern US, especially pine and post-oak savanna associations. Always feel free to tag me in any observations!

IG: @ palustris.botany


Weakley's Southeastern Flora Key - https://fsus.ncbg.unc.edu/img/flora/FSUS2022.pdf
Texas Key - https://fsus.ncbg.unc.edu/img/flora/FSUS2022_Texas.pdf
Virtual Key - https://fsus.ncbg.unc.edu/

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