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I am a young naturalist that is interested in all plants, with a special interest for members of the Coreopsideae tribe.


I am not an expert. I make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Please do not agree to my IDs without doing your own research

I mostly identify observations of the genus Coreopsis in the eastern United States and Canada. I also try to narrow down observations with the broad ID of Plantae, in the southern parts of my home province of Québec and the adjacent Ontario.

If you would like me to cite my sources for an identification, or if you have a question about an ID, please either @mention me on a comment in the observation in question, or, on the web browser, directly message me by clicking the "message" button in the top left corner of this page (If you directly message me, please include a link to the observation!).

-I prefer being sent a direct message, rather than a @mention, because there is a bit of a bug where sometimes, notifications don't get sent to me for @mentions.

Wondering why I have IDed your observation as a broad ID like "Plants" or "Fungi"? This link might be helpful;

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