Sam Ehlers

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Birds opened my eyes to the biodiversity all around us; now I can't look away. Based in Glenelm, Winnipeg, Treaty 1. Queer human in love with nature. 🏳️‍🌈 💜 🌿 (he/they)

Forest School Facilitator at FortWhyte Alive, since Dec 2023. 🌳

Life-long nature appreciator, recently nature-obsessed. Basics of biology learned at UofM, but self-taught since then thanks to the endless free resources shared by kind people out there.

Inspiring people: Brennan (bird photographer friend), Joey Santore (enthusiastic botanist youtuber), George Vlad (field recordist), Lesley the Bird Nerd (youtuber), BirdNote podcasts, Loch Gelly (my kiddo), and all you Manitoban iNat peeps

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