Morgan G.

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Certified California naturalist through Nature For All Leadership Academy
I am a high school student most interested in biology, nature, and social activism. I enjoy learning about local wildlife, exploring nature, and promoting environmental conservation and awareness in my community!
My main area of expertise here on iNat is birds, mammals, and California native plants.

I am a bird bander at Zuma Canyon and have also banded birds at Burns Piñon Ridge Reserve as well (both in California). I have an iNat project for each:
Zuma Canyon:
Burns Piñon Ridge Reserve:

I recognize that when I go out to explore nature that I am a guest in the homeland territory of multiple groups of Indigenous Peoples. I extend my respect and gratitude to the many groups who call these lands home. Thank you for caring for the land and sharing these spaces with me.
I stand in solidarity with marginalized communities who have historically been excluded from the outdoors and whose contributions to environmental conservation are often erased. I stand with women, LGBTQIA+ folks, Black folks, Brown folks, Indigenous folks, Asian folks, folks in larger bodies, neurodiverse folks, and disabled folks.
Please visit this link for a great article on why the outdoors has a diversity issue:

Please also visit my website on zoology, conservation, and nature too. Thanks!

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