James Bailey Curador

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Hello! I am an all-around naturalist, on a mission to document species and their ecology!

About Me

Outside, I am a dedicated ecologist, studying flora and fauna of all kinds. Besides contributing data points, I hope to provide photos for many overlooked or undocumented species. Every species has its own story to tell...and I'm listening!

Inside, I am working on ways to connect nature with others. Whether that means video games or digital field guides, I hope to bring the joy of the outdoors to more. There is a "real" fantasy on our very doorstep, after all!

I have a casual specialization in Coccinellidae (ladybugs/beetles), so feel free to tag me in observations of this kind, as well as anything locally in southern California.

Photo Usage

If you want to use my photos in any publications or guides, let me know! It's nice to know where they end up.

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