Teodelina Martelli

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Twenty-two-year-old birder, naturalist, artist, writer, and pianist-composer.
I have always been interested in nature (birds particularly) and arrived on iNaturalist after I noted my birding friends wielding impressive knowledge gained through this program. The size, global breadth, and activity of the iNat community is very exciting to be a part of and I hope to continue learning and influence my community through this.

My iNat images are up for educational use as long as you credit me appropriately.

Specifically, I am interested in the behavior and evolution of birds, but I am eager to learn about/observe anything else (especially butterflies, felids, canids, deer, conifers, forbs, and herps) since all nature is connected in fascinating ways!

I am fortunate to be studying at Pomona College, intending to become a college professor/researcher and composer. Certified California Naturalist in 2018.

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