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I like hiking, traveling, and miscellaneous adventures that let me admire the natural world (or at least let me glean some kind of educational experience). I like to see the differences in species in the places I go and iNat reminds me how much life there is to see everywhere.

I use iNat as a travel and collection app/site as much as I do an educational one. I like to have observations posted and IDed in different states, countries, continents, federally designated areas etc. especially national parks, wildlife refuges, and forests in the US.

As of Dec 31 2023, I have observations in 68 NPS sites (closer to around 75 but some sites are not included in the umbrella on iNat). 47 National Wildlife Refuges, 35 US States, 12 Countries, and 4 continents (though South America through Aruba and Oceania through Hawaii are kind of dubious depending on who you ask)

Goals for 2023 are:
6 new NPS sites
6 new National Wildlife Refuges
3 new US states/territories
1 new country
2800 species to research grade

If you'd like to help in this goal, and don't mind looking at fuzzy pictures of plants or animals cropped from the background of other photos, please consider checking out the below.

Plants that need ID:

Fungi that need ID:

Animals that need ID:

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