Brynne Stevens

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I'm an environmental science and integrative biology major at UC Berkeley. I recently concluded a terrestrial vegetation & invasive plant monitoring internship for the NPS in the Santa Monica Mountains, where I was actively involved in projects to conserve threatened flora and fauna. Now, I work in the Daane Lab, with lots of silly little wasps.

I am currently working on my senior thesis, conducting a study on benthic macroinvertebrate communities within the Ventura River. This research aims to evaluate their role as indicators of overall vertebrate health across its aquatic and riparian ecosystems. This is in association with the Ventura Land Trust.
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If you see me observing off-trail, I promise I am meant to be there. ;)

I am most knowledgeable about insects and plants. If you are someone who pursued a higher degree in entomology after a broader BS, I want to talk to you!!

Big endemic chaser. Always wishing that I got into this earlier, as I have traveled a lot. Most bad photos taken with phone, marginally better ones taken with an Olympus E-300 or Olympus OM-10.

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Resources I recommend:
Wildflowers of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

  • Useful for many native and non-native flora in Southern California. Contains dichotomous keys from A Naturalist's Flora of the Santa Monica Mountains and Simi Hills, California.


  • The most complete database of hexapods there is online.

Checklist of the Collembola

  • Very useful Collembola family key.

Discover Life

  • Interactive dichotomous keys for many things!

Arizona Dragonflies

  • Comparative guide to common Odonates in the southwestern US.

Online Data for Phorid Flies

  • Great website pertaining to Phoridae created by Dr. Brian Brown of the Los Angeles NHM.

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