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“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”
-Greek Proverb

Interested in all things nature but plants, insects and arachnids of the South Texas Plains catch my attention the most.
When I was first introduced to the family ranch (523.23 acres) the summer of my high school freshman year in 2015 I knew little to nothing about plants, bugs, birds, mammals, etc. I first discovered iNaturalist as a way to ID plants on the ranch and that quickly turned into me using it for all living things. Given the rough spot the ranch is in (lawsuits between family, debt and every management nightmare you can think of) I have learned to take nothing for granted because it could all be gone tomorrow. iNaturalist has taught me more than I could've ever imagined in so many ways. Connecting with nature through iNaturalist has inspired me to start a pollinators garden in my backyard, use more native plants in landscaping and bug others about iNaturalist and get them to join.
I have no professional training or education past high school so most of what I know is from online resources, books and others here on iNaturalist. I try to be as helpful as possible with my IDs but I will get some wrong from time to time. If i get an ID wrong or you want to know more about it please let me know.

Ranch- 523.23 acres
Plants- 113
Animals- 273
Fungi & Lichen- 12
398 species total

Pollinators Garden- 11'x11'
Plants- 11
Animals- 72
83 species total

*Species count last updated 11 IV 2023 & can be viewed on my lists

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