It's 36*F outside right now (Lubbock). I'm tempted to turn on the blacklight to see which "tough ones" are out and about, but that means I have to go outside too.

Not as tough as I used to be, apparently.

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I wish you would keep your weather up in the Panhandle. We were near 90 Sunday, sitting outside on the square in Blanco eating cans of Sardines, drinking wine and whining about all the trivial matters of our lives. Next day, it was cold , dark and rainy and still is. Our rivers are rising out of their banks threatening life and limb. There is no sun. Plus, every day I have to work outside and it's miserable to do so in these conditions. At least, you can stay dry even while outside, apparently. And what? That latest Pacific Tropical System pass you by and lay down on top of us instead. Bah! I say, get outside while you can!


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All my kidding aside, actual dangerous area wide flooding now.

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Yikes! Stay safe. Lots of rain here too over the past few weeks, but little flooding. Hard to be outside, though. I hope this doesn't lead to an early demise for the critters. Still trying for a December sighting of a Variegated Meadowhawk in the county.

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Shouldn't kill many without a hard freeze, but you guys are way farther north than I like. Here, plants are still blooming and there's plenty of hummingbird food around once this cold air passes starting tomorrow. It is still forecast to rain here with another 3 to 5 inches possible on already supersaturated soil (what little of that there is in the Hill Country - actually more than we think). Dams have floodgates open which means flooding for many people. The Llano River north of here a ways crested early this morning and will do so again tonight exceeding last night's damaging flood which even took out a big bridge. But here's hoping most critters stay out of high water. And people, too.

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