My observations are done under a variety of conditions

I don't know if anyone will be reading my journals to understand my observations, but in case they are, this is a brief explanation of where my pictures came from:

Since 2010, when I got my first real digital camera, I took a lot of pictures in natural areas. A lot of times these were general nature photos, for artistic purposes, or for my memories. I also took pictures of things that were unusual or interesting. Since I lived in Montana and Oregon and would go out several times a week, I have a big backlog of photos that show various plants and animals, but they often weren't taken with that in mind. At times, I was also in the middle of something else and basically just popped out my camera and took a picture.

Just recently, in January, I joined this site. And even more recently, I got a real camera, as opposed to my cell phone camera. I am still uploading old photos, many of which are of lower quality. I am also uploading new photos.

Some of my new photos are from expeditions where I will go to a natural area and have the time to photograph everything I want to in detail. But some of my photos are still me walking around the neighborhood and seeing an interesting bug land somewhere. Sometimes I have a dog leash in one hand, and am photographing something that is on someone's front lawn. So some of my pictures are things that I consider of good quality, and some are...byproducts of other activities.

So if I post a blurry picture or a picture that doesn't show enough detail to be identified, I might just be making a mental note to myself. Hopefully there is more good quality stuff than byproduct stuff on here.

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