41. Sovon Dag

SovonDag Duur
SOVON Lezingen programma / 26:12
Interview Ruud Foppen 26 min Foppen
Vroege Vogel EBBC Atlas 12 min
PodCasts PFiet
. . Can you spare a moment before you click away? iNaturalist is a not-for-profit initiative making a global impact on biodiversity by connecting people to nature with technology. This year alone, 1 million people have contributed observations to iNaturalist, but only 0.24% have donated to support the operations that keep iNaturalist running. Thank you to the 0.24% of the community who are donors! When you donate to iNaturalist, we don’t send you any paper mail (or even ask for your address), we don’t share your email with other organizations, and we put it all back to growing and sustaining this vibrant virtual community. We know not everyone can contribute financially, but if iNaturalist has brightened your life this year, here’s what your gift can do: -$13 stores 10,000 observation photos for a year -$28 sends one day’s worth of email updates -$112 stores 1 million observation photos for 1 month -$333 keeps iNat servers running for 24 hours Can you help?"
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