Determinatie Sleutel Mossen boek

Veel foto’s in het boek Mosses of Europe van M. Lüth zijn online te zien via deze link:

Overigens staan in die boeken wel veenmossen maar geen levermossen. Om te determineren zijn ze ook niet goed geschikt vind ik.'Estudis_Catalans_Seccio_de_Ciencies_Biologiques_Barcelona

Automatische herkenning Soorten door de COmputer (AI)

i guess “easy” is in the eye of the beholder, but you might be interested in some things i mentioned here: 1. this thread may also be of interest: 1. if you search the forum for computer vision training or other related keywords, you may also find other discussions that might be relevant.

This research group has some papers on the subject. 3

This is a simpler approach (that could potentially be extrapolated to your bird species) that would be easier for a first machine learning project. 2

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