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About ten days ago, my internet ceased working the way it was supposed to. But only under specific conditions. I spent a week tearing my hair out, eliminating one possibility after another of what was wrong.

The problem manifested itself in a very specific way: I had full speed internet, and could even do intensive tasks like video conferencing. But, when I attempted to upload a file, over a few megs, my internet would not be able to do anything else. This can be a problem on here, because while a file is uploading, it will load the map selection screen. Or, in my case, it would not. This would cause problems where the observation went through but didn't have a location. Or sometimes it would go through but tell me it hadn't.

Trying to isolate the problem, I got out my Windows laptop, seeing if it had the same problem (wanted to isolate OS versus connection problems), and, since this Windows laptop had a busted keyboard, I had to use it with a plugged in USB keyboard. Anyway, while doing so, and just to check, I uploaded the first file available: a photo of a cultivated Plane tree back in Santiago. The upload had the same problems, thus confirming it was a line problem. And after some time, my ISP told me they would send me a new router.

Anyway. If you have read this far, my point is that when viewing someone's observations, remember that some of them might have been uploaded during technical stress. These observations are not always transparent, not always what we are looking for. Sometimes observations are filtered through whatever camera and computer programs the person is dealing with. Bad location and time data are things that happen, and they are not always the user's error.

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Sorry to hear you're having problems with the connection. I hope the situation improves and you can upload photos again. -- Barbara

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I finally talked to CenturyLink, and surprisingly, when I said I had ran a self-diagnosis on the router and that it showed hardware failure, they just said they would send me a new router. So, depending on when that gets here...I will start uploading more things.

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I went to Truax Island yesterday and took 119 pictures (which doesn't equate to 119 observations, but is still a lot).

Have you been to Truax Island?

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This is definitely true! Always make sure you assume that people are trying their hardest to do the right thing!

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