Welcome to the 2021 Ontario Envirothon iNaturalist Project!

Welcome to the 2021 Ontario Envirothon iNaturalist Project! This project will be used to track progress on challenges released biweekly and foster a community of Envirothon participants that want to know more about the world around them.

Check out the Forests Ontario website for more information on 2021 format and FAQ about the program. If you'd like to see live updates as resources are released, follow the Ontario Envirothon Facebook page, or subscribe to our newsletter.

To join this project and post sightings, you will need:

... and that's it! Never used iNaturalist before? Here is a great guide on how to get started! There is also a video you can use for reference. Be sure to check out other sightings in the group and help other participants identify what they have found. If you are under the age of 13, please use this site with parental supervision. Please remember that we are all working together to identify the plants, fungi, and animals shared in this project. All submissions to this project are a small part of an international community of citizen scientists. As such, there is an etiquette to posting and identifying species. Some basic tips:
  • Be bold. You do not need to know what you’re looking at, just make your best suggestion, and others will help you identify what you’ve found.
  • Take multiple photos of the same thing. A single photo may miss key identification features.
  • You do not need to know the species. iNaturalist allows for coarser identifications (ie. "Insect" or "bumblebee" instead of "Common Eastern Bumblebee") that can help narrow down what you're looking at.
  • Avoid automatically agreeing with someone else’s ID. The species that iNaturalist suggests may not be correct. Always use your best judgment when figuring out what you’ve seen.

House plants, gardens, and pets will not be a part of the project. The intent of iNaturalist is to look at the natural world. Captive and cultivated plants and animals are not a part of that – these sightings will be listed as “casual” grade sightings and will not be added to the project.

A new challenge will be posted every other week. Each completed challenge will earn your Envirothon team an additional submission into the draw for spots in the presentation competition if your team is eligible. Each challenge posted to this journal will be associated with a Google Form that your team must fill out to earn the extra entry in the draw.

Participating in Envirothon as an individual student? Great! You might not be eligible to compete in the team-based presentation competition, but you will receive a certificate upon completion of all of the challenges. Also, the individual with the most observations in the iNaturalist project and the individual who has correctly identified the most observations in the project will receive prizes for their participation.

When exploring nature, please be mindful of others, practice physical distancing (2 m), and follow public health guidelines.

If you have any questions about this project or iNaturalist in general, please leave a comment on this journal post. If you have any questions about Ontario Envirothon or Forests Ontario, contact us at envirothon@forestsontario.ca.

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