Bumble Bees vs other Insects

I made this for the upcoming ID-a-thon, it's basically a brief look at Bumble Bees and some of the groups that I see commonly mistaken for them.

Updated to slides.

Publicado el mayo 19, 2021 01:43 MAÑANA por neylon neylon


All the pictures and details make these entries so valuable. Thank you for all the time that must have gone into this effort.

Publicado por sarahwilson1 hace alrededor de 3 años

Thank you so much! This is a fantastic resource. I find the diversity of Anthophila a bit overwhelming, even though it's one of the many fascinating things about bees. You've provided some excellent pointers and comparative photos.

Publicado por wildnettle hace alrededor de 3 años

Thank you so much for these guides! This is much needed.

Publicado por becca_nh hace más de 1 año

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