Is it a good thing or bad thing: 10% of my biodiversity on New Year's Day

Just like I did for the first day of 2021, for the first day of 2022, I decided to start the day off by making a lot of observations, in a few places. Luckily, the weather was with me, giving a clear, mostly sunny day in-between the snowfall of the previous week and the rain of this week. I went to two counties, starting early and getting home at dark.

This might be a good thing, or a bad thing: I got 121 taxa in one day. Or 71 species. Some of that might be revised-- (the "Fox sparrow" might just be a song sparrow, for example), but some of it is pretty solid. Last year, I got around 650 species (that also might be revised). So on one day--- a short day in winter---I got about 10% of my yearly species observed. With birds, I got 18 species (that might also go down a little, or maybe even up, but lets say 15). Last year, I believe I had 70 bird species observed. So on one day, a winter day, I got 20% of my yearly bird species. And of those 15 species, about a dozen of them (American Crow, California Scrub-Jay, American Robin, European Starling, Song Sparrow, Mallard, Anna's Hummingbird, Red-Tailed Hawk, American Kestrel, Black Goose and Dark Eyed Junco) probably made up around 60% of my observations last year. (The only one missing of my top 8 birds was the Turkey Vulture, which isn't resident).

So one hand, I am happy I live in a place, where, even in the middle of winter, it is active and there is a lot of wildlife to see. But on the other hand---it makes me think I should be expanding beyond what is familiar. Many of my plans to see more last year were interrupted by the pandemic, I hope this year, one way or another, I get to see more.

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