BioBlitz, BioBlitz, BioBlitz! (also, come identify with us on Friday night!)

It's coming!!! I just unsubscribed from "all observations from the District of Columbia" so that my daily updates email isn't insanely long.

So many people have been working hard on this event in DC (@maryeford, @jbrown, @alliepetersen, @kellycoy to name just a few of the people I interact with the most!) and many more working on not only this BioBlitz but also supporting other events across the country (@loarie, @tiwane, @forester93, @geobudde, @biogeek5, @alexandra6). Very excited to have some local iNaturalists coming out for BioBlitz, including @treegrow, @calopteryx, and SO MANY OTHERS, especially all of the new folks recruited and trained by @alliepetersen! Also excited to have some people coming in from out of town like @reallifeecology and @kevinfitzpatrick.

We really want to get more people involved in identifications and welcoming people to the community too, so we're going to gather for a couple of hours on Friday evening with laptops to add identifications/comments/faves to BioBlitz observations. Anyone is welcome! @loarie will be there.

Friday evening 5-7 PM
2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20006

We've scheduled this not far from the Biodiversity Festival at Constitution Gardens during a bit of a lull but there will be some great evening programming (and beer!) (with @dnlee5!) starting at 7 pm so we won't stay late at Bertucci's (at least I won't).

If you'll be watching the BioBlitz from afar, we'd love your help with identifications, comments, and faves. Keep an eye on the NPS Servicewide project, especially on Friday and Saturday.

Happy iNaturalisting, everyone, BioBlitz or not!

Publicado el mayo 16, 2016 02:06 MAÑANA por carrieseltzer carrieseltzer


Carrie. Looking forward to the countless observations coming in from across the country leading up to and during the weekend of Blitzes!

Publicado por geobudde hace alrededor de 8 años

Looking forward to it!

Publicado por forester93 hace alrededor de 8 años

That sounds very fun. Way to go, making being a bio-nerd a social event!

Publicado por calloftheloon hace alrededor de 8 años

Carrie, I hope you add in another journal entry with your experiences while bioblitzing-- would love to hear what went well and which things could be improved for future bioblitzes. :)

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 8 años

@sambiology I definitely will!

Publicado por carrieseltzer hace casi 8 años

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