Spring breaks!


A gorgeous first day of spring in Kansas! Sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s. I am still hobbled by my foot recovery but I was able to get out into the greenbelt and complete the planting for the Kansas Forestry Service order of 25 spicebush (Lindera benzoin). They were planted mainly on the north but also some on the south side of the canal near the center of the path behind the plum and among the Ohio buckeye planted last spring (doing amazingly well I might add!). This is a nice moist and shaded area where the root system will hopefully stabilize the slopes and reduce erosion. I have found that plantings fare better when grouped together as opposed to dispersed throughout the canopy. The bees and butterfly will also have easier access to the breadth of pollen and nectar sources without having to travel great distances searching.

The spring growth is just now emerging and it is too early to tell if my efforts will be rewarded with fresh blossoms. This is the third season for the pandemic plantings - particularly plum and golden current and I have great hopes that they will begin to take off. I will be monitoring progress and continuing to add perennials as the season progresses to build this ecosystem for local wildlife.

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