March 18 2023!

I would say happy spring but it doesn't feel much like spring this season. We have been witness to the impact of climate with wild swings from bitterly cold to unseasonably warm temperatures and heavy rains replacing winter snows - and forecasts for summer drought. These trends renew my sense of urgency to move this process along. I am encouraged by the changes that I see at my bird feeders with more diverse populations of sparrows, woodpecker and even the first blue birds that I have seen take up residence in the Greenspace. It suggests that my efforts are helping and should continue!

It's been a long time since I updated my journal entries on progress in the Greenbelt project. My work continues with more emphasis on protecting what has already been planted and remediation of invasive honeysuckle and garlic mustard. I have worked to increase the number of perennial species including native honeysuckle vine, passion flower, native roses, native sage. It looks like the American plum that was planted during the pandemic may finally bloom this year - huge step forward in progress.

I have a limited selection of MDC seedlings this year.

Burr Oak (10)
Shumard oak (10)
Eastern Wahoo (10)

  • planted on St Paddies day

I have 25 Missouri fringetree set to go in this weekend if we can sustain temperature above freezing!

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