Project Dragonfly Observation of the Week: Common Whitetail

Introducing the Project Dragonfly Observation of the Week! This week's feature is a common whitetail dragonfly, photographed and logged by iNaturalist user nances. View it, like it and comment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and follow us to learn more about Project Dragonfly and other iNaturalist projects.

Today and for the next three weeks, our Observation of the Week photographer will win a special prize! You need to be a member of Project Dragonfly on iNaturalist to be chosen, so join now!

Ready to learn more about dragonflies and their ecosystems? Find interesting facts, articles, infographics, research links and more at Project Dragonfly on!

Publicado el mayo 27, 2022 06:26 TARDE por ckosheluk ckosheluk


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