Great new finds and records

Aeropedellus clavatus was recorded from Ontario for the first time!! Very good find @zonotrick with id aid by @graytreefrog . Due to the proximity of records in Manitoba, this species is likely to occur (and has been expected to occur there) up in northwestern Ontario, but @zonotrick went a little further and got it way up in northern Ontario some distance away from the provincial borders. Due to the limited number of northern observations or orthops, they can be very important in understanding species distributions in Canada.

It has also recently come forth that Anaxipha tinnulenta, or the Slow Tinkling Cricket (not to be confused with the Fast Tinkling Cricket, Anaxipha tinnulacita), was reported in southwestern Ontario based on some metabarcoding sampling. This species makes it a bit trickier to say if you have Say's Bush Cricket (Anaxipha exiguua) or not... the two species are separable by male song, the number of teeth on his wings or by molecular sequences. So consider trying out your sound recording chops to help verify your two species. This isn't just a problem with Anaxipha unfortunatley. There are several Oecanthus that are very similar morphologically (or identical) but have different songs and require acoustic observation, not visual. Check out Oecanthus nigricornis and Oecanthus forbesi!

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