Protocol Update

Hi combers,

Our GO-SEA project has been growing for over a year now! There have been so many great observations uploaded to the project and we are very thankful for everyone who chooses to participate in this effort to study the mysterious ecosystem at the ocean's surface. Now that the project is pretty well established, we are getting a better idea of what data is the most useful and I wanted to update you all on what we've figured out.

Absence observations are helpful, but they have gotten a bit out of control, which makes processing our data a lot more challenging. We wish there was a better way to regulate these but unfortunately iNaturalist does not have a way to do this. As much as I love to see what you all have found, please DO NOT upload all of your observations from your beach trips. ONE absence observation is great, any more than that really complicates things!

When you find surface life and upload those observations, please DO NOT upload any other absence observations from that same day. That is also hard for us to analyze. The point of absence observations is to let us know that surface life was not found at a certain location/time so if they are uploaded alongside surface life observations, it can be confusing.

I know this project is atypical, but we are studying some pretty atypical organisms! Please let me know if you have any questions about the protocol or project. I will keep everyone updated with our findings as we continue to analyze our data.


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Hello Ari,

One question.
I find a lot of times buoys or floating objects where I find life on.
This looks confusing in the photo, but I always add it to the project as well.
Is this also interesting or rather not?

Thank you for your answer.


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Hi Dennis, yes this is definitely interesting to us as anything attached to floating objects is part of the surface ecosystem!

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Hello Ari,
I just learned of your project during the CONES presentation today - well done! I do enjoy scouring the beach for fun things washed up on shore and have some old observations of things like velella, pyromsomes, salps, lots of sargassum, and even a pelagic gooseneck barnacle going back before your project was created. Are those of interest or would you just prefer current data?

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Hey, thanks for coming to the webinar! Past data is definitely of interest to us as well

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