My Bee guides.

linking all my guides in one post.

Bumble Bees vs other Insects
Distinguishing Bombus impatiens, bimaculatus, & griseocollis
Bombus pensylvanicus vs Bombus auricomus
Bombus affinis
Color Variation in Bees

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Thanks! And as always thanks for the many many Bombus IDs. Beth

Publicado por scoutingforplants hace más de 1 año

Hi, I've found your bee guide especially helpful. I would like to use it as a follow-up resource for participants after a training I'm giving about a citizen science project involving bumblebees. I saw your comment about the photo that was used without your permission. Just want to make sure that this is OK.

Publicado por pretty_buggy hace alrededor de 1 año

@pretty_buggy Yeah that's not a problem. That's pretty much why I wrote them. The case that annoyed me, was a case someone used one of my photos for an article, but did a poor job fact checking. They had a picture I took of a Digger Bee and Labeled it a Mining Bee. If they would have approached me, I would have given them a better photo.

Publicado por neylon hace alrededor de 1 año

Good job, Mr. Neylon! Thank you for your papers. I am glad to see the progress in iNat and entomology.

Publicado por makarii_loskutov hace 9 meses

Very nice!

Publicado por ken-potter hace 9 meses

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