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15 de abril de 2021

Last organizers meeting before CNC is Friday at 11 am!

If you're helping spread the word about the City Nature Challenge in the DC metro area, please make sure you check out the agenda for our last organizer's meeting before the CNC begins in 2 weeks! Please join us if you can.

We'll have one more Q&A session next Friday (no agenda, just your questions).

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19 de abril de 2021

New Events and Resources for CNC-DC Players!

Our regional organizers have scheduled an inspiring variety of virtual and safely distanced in-person events. Read all about them and register on our regional website.

See resources large and small for observers, identifiers , teachers, parents and event leaders here.

Spread the word! Please share events and resources with your friends, families, and neighbors!

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29 de abril de 2021

Final tips before the City Nature Challenge begins!

Are you ready? Only 25 hours until the observation period begins! With this heat wave, tomorrow evening may bring out some insects to lights that night owls may want to stake out if you want to get the first CNC observations at 12 am. I plan to be on my porch at midnight!

Need more iNaturalist pointers? Check out the resources page. And practice on Thursday!

Do you want to join more virtual or small in-person events? Check out the events page.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with options of where to go and/or what to focus on? If so, pick just one place to focus your observations. Try to document all of the species that you can find and document there to the best of your ability. Could be wild visitors in a garden, a tiny park, your yard, or a favorite trail. There's biodiversity everywhere!

Do you want to target species we missed last year? Check out last year's links comparing what has been found in April & May to what we found during CNC 2020. As the CNC gets underway, the links showing what we might still be able to find this year will become useful. 

Thank you all for your efforts to get others engaged and spread the word! Have fun and be safe! I can't wait to see what we find.

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