Taxonomic Swap 107799 (Guardado el 23/03/2022)

In accord with AOS-SACC (Proposals 780 and 781) and AOS-NACC (Chesser et al. 2020b), the sequence of hummingbirds in the group previously listed between Chlorostilbon and Hylocharis is revised, based primarily on McGuire et al. (2014) and Hernández-Baños et al. (2020). In accord with AOS-SACC (Proposal 781), change the scientific name of White-chinned Sapphire from Hylocharis cyanus to Chlorestes cyanus, based on genetic evidence (McGuire et al. 2014) that White-chinned Sapphire belongs to a disparate group of species for which the oldest available genus name is Chlorestes (Stiles et al. 2017a, b).

Clements Checklist v2021 (Referencia)
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