Taxonomic Swap 136595 (Guardado el 22/12/2023)

The three Phoebis with tails were initially regarded as valid
species (Brown, 1929; d’Almeida, 1940) but treated as subspecies
in recent times (Lamas, 2004), probably due the allopatry
of populations and an inconsistent application of the subspecies
concept. Monroe (2016) resurrected the views of Brown
(1929), who acknowledged phenotypic differences, including
size and wing pattern, but also in their genitalia. Their barcodes
are distinctive (Fig. S1) and they were recovered as separated
lineages by all our bpp analyses, regardless the combination of
species assignment and priors used (Fig. 2), leading us to recognize
P. neocypris stat. rev., P. rurina (Felder and Felder) stat.
rev. and P. virgo (Butler) stat. rev. as valid species (Núñez et al., 2019)

Species delimitation and evolutionary... (Referencia)
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