Taxonomic Swap 141617 (Guardado el 26/03/2024)

Añadido por kevinfaccenda el marzo 27, 2024 02:45 MAÑANA | Comprometido por kevinfaccenda el 26 de marzo de 2024
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Originally intended to be part of this large merge, but I had to exclude it due to a technical issue with it having children taxa, so I did those first. Please direct any comments related to this swap to the large merge here:

Publicado por kevinfaccenda hace 4 meses

@loarie Can you please trigger a cleanup on this swap? There's thousands of observations which are now only with inactive IDs. I assume after 9 days that it's not still going

Publicado por kevinfaccenda hace 4 meses


Publicado por loarie hace 4 meses

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