Taxonomic Merge 89053 (Guardado el 15/02/2021)

Persistent misapplication of the name Amanita gemmata to a species different from the original description, but identifiable with A. junquillea. Extra-European material may not be the same species as European, but this seems the best name at present.

A. gemmata var. "exannulata" is an unpublished "combination" based on the invalid name "Amanita junquillea var. exannulata"; not clear it has a published name at present, so it has to be rolled back into A. junquillea. Tag names added as appropriate, though.

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This is a debate going on for many decades now. There are different opinions and they are based on interpretations of old texts and illustrations.

The facts are that the originals descriptions are indeed very poor and not matching the modern concept of gemmata/junquillea. This is true for the gemmata case (poor written description, concept is mostly based on an old illustration) and for the junquillea case (description does not match our modern concept neither. eg: olivaceous stipe base + campanulate cap).

It is impossible, for now, to be sure of what species the original authors saw and described as gemmata and junquillea. They might be the same species, they might be different, and neither of them might actually represent our modern concept of gemmata/junquillea.

So, for now, not having answers for these questions, the oldest epithet should be preferred, that is "gemmata".

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