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05 de diciembre de 2020

Rearing Euglyphis cf. elena (Lasiocampidae) larva to moth.

One month after encountering this beautiful caterpillar in my garden I found it again eating this plant I knew was abundant around, so I decided to try grow it into whatever moth/butterfly it would become.

At the time I wasn't even sure of its Family or even the plant ID, but later I discovered it could be something that iNat still doesn't have. I kept the larva inside an old CD box that was big enough for it to move around and select which leaf to eat. I offered it several types of leaves from different plants during the course of the larval stage, but it always favored the initial plant where I found it (Ocotea puberula - Lauraceae).

From the day of capture till the day it started weaving its pupa 16 days passed. I had no idea what would it do to make the pupa, so I've offered it some twigs and tree bark from the plant it used to eat as a support surface. Turns out it actually made the pupa inside one of the leaves; bending it and "gluing" the edges with silk.

Video of the larva preparing its leaf/silk pupa

It took 4 days for it to enclose itself in the pupa and 18 more days for the adult to emerge. Here's the timeline:

  • 28th Sept. 2020 - First time encountering the species
  • 27th Oct. 2020 - Second time encountering the species and collecting larva
  • 12th Nov. 2020 - Pre-pupa stage
  • 16th Nov. 2020 - Pupa stage
  • 04th Dec. 2020 - Adult emerges

Study to determine the species

According to SPECHT, CORSEUIL & FORMENTINI - 2005 there's a total of 52 species of Lasiocampidae occuring in my state (Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil):

Since I managed to narrow down to the Genus Euglyphis we are down to :

Euglyphis brunnea (Schaus, 1894) = adult pic on BOLD
Euglyphis castrensis (Schaus, 1894) = No information about it
Euglyphis claudia claudia (Stoll, 1782) = Adult pic on iNat
Euglyphis deusta (Herrich-Schäffer, 1854) = larva pic on iNat
Euglyphis efferata Draudt, 1927 = No information about it
Euglyphis fibra (Schaus, 1890) = larva pic
Euglyphis guttivena (Walker, 1855) = larva pic
Euglyphis guttularis (Walker, 1855) = Adult pic on iNat
Euglyphis lacrimosa (Schaus, 1892) = Schaus description mention white lines on primaries
Euglyphis lascoria cariacica Draudt, 1927 = Main suspect
Euglyphis lignosa (Walker, 1855) = larva pic on iNat
Euglyphis marna (Schaus, 1896) = adult pic on iNat
Euglyphis melancholica (Butler, 1878) = adult pic on iNat
Euglyphis narceta (Schaus, 1905) = Schaus description mention white spot on costa
Euglyphis nigropunctata (Schaus, 1905) = possible
Euglyphis plana (Walker, 1855) = adult pic on BOLD
Euglyphis rearensis Schaus, 1936 = couldn't find description
Euglyphis salebrosa Draudt, 1927 = couldn't find description
Euglyphis semifunebris (Schaus, 1915) = adult drawing
Euglyphis sulga (Schaus, 1905) = possible
Euglyphis terranea (Butler, 1878) = adult pic on BOLD
Euglyphis zikani Draudt, 1927 = adult pic on BOLD

Update! 14/12/2020 Looks like this could be Euglyphis elena. Check adult observation for more info.

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