15 de diciembre de 2019

Let's stop calling them "Green Spaces!"

I'd sure love someone to come up with a way to redefine Green Spaces. Most often, the "green" in those spaces is nothing but cultivated grass that just leads to more mow and blow stupidity. How do we get there? How do we show that a plaid lawn is a dead lawn? How do we stop that freight train thinking that winter seed stems are some how bad and heavily mulched volcanoes around non-native trees is good? It is all about the idea that man controls nature. We don't, we can only pretend.

Last year, the coolest learning moment I had was being on my knees with a five year old staring into a magnifying glass,as he saw the Whoville landscape of a common dandelion.

Every kid needs a good magnifying glass and a butterfly net...maybe if we can get kids over the fear of insects they will grow up to be adults that value nature.

Note to self- get ten good magnifying glasses and ten butterfly nets for Jacob's Nature Park before the City Nature Challenge 2020~

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