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03 de mayo de 2020

My observations are done under a variety of conditions

I don't know if anyone will be reading my journals to understand my observations, but in case they are, this is a brief explanation of where my pictures came from:

Since 2010, when I got my first real digital camera, I took a lot of pictures in natural areas. A lot of times these were general nature photos, for artistic purposes, or for my memories. I also took pictures of things that were unusual or interesting. Since I lived in Montana and Oregon and would go out several times a week, I have a big backlog of photos that show various plants and animals, but they often weren't taken with that in mind. At times, I was also in the middle of something else and basically just popped out my camera and took a picture.

Just recently, in January, I joined this site. And even more recently, I got a real camera, as opposed to my cell phone camera. I am still uploading old photos, many of which are of lower quality. I am also uploading new photos.

Some of my new photos are from expeditions where I will go to a natural area and have the time to photograph everything I want to in detail. But some of my photos are still me walking around the neighborhood and seeing an interesting bug land somewhere. Sometimes I have a dog leash in one hand, and am photographing something that is on someone's front lawn. So some of my pictures are things that I consider of good quality, and some are...byproducts of other activities.

So if I post a blurry picture or a picture that doesn't show enough detail to be identified, I might just be making a mental note to myself. Hopefully there is more good quality stuff than byproduct stuff on here.

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17 de mayo de 2020

Where did all the spiders go?

I am not an arachnophobe, but like most people, I react poorly to spiders being on me or near me in unexpected circumstances. If I am out hiking, and a spider brushes against my hand, I will freak out a little!

And it seemed that spiders were a common thing. I have heard the statistics about always being within a few feet of spiders, wherever we go.

But now that I am on iNaturalist, and would enjoy seeing some spiders to get observations, they seem to be very rare. Even after I go into the woods and look at cobwebs and look at their edges...spiders are not the prevalent thing I remember them being!

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29 de mayo de 2020

100 observation day

My birthday is today, but yesterday, in order to be able to upload today, I decided to see how many observations I could get in a day.
Not in some type of grand, going to Olympic National Park with a 5000 dollar camera way. No, just in a "walking around my neighborhood way".
My neighborhood is a few blocks from the ocean, which does help: I have two or three different ecosystems in a half hour walk.
Anyway, just observing, for a few hours in a mile radius of my house, I easily got to over 100 observations. Some of them were common (Dandelion!), while others were less common (Striped Shore Crab!).
Anyway, if you ever want to do it, you can probably get over 100 observations in a day without having to do anything epic.

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