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10 de julio de 2013

Yuba Pass/Sierra Nevada Field Campus

Located just up the road from Bassett's Station on Hwy 49, this Field Campus - owned by San francisco State University - has become a part of my Count Session for a decade now. One of the Rites of Passage for any
new Californian Lepidopterist is Paul Opler's "Butterflies of the High Sierra"
class taught here ever year and was my first exposure to this incredible place. The class is out in the field all day with Dr. Opler and his wife Evi
and ultimately sees and learns over 80 species in five days.
A few years back I expanded my entomological knowledge by taking Dr. John Hafernik's "Entomology of the Sierra" - also a fantastic class. Something so great about being afield all day then coming back to having a full meal prepared for you!
I continue to go each season to partake in the YUBA PASS Butterfly Count.
It's always slightly frustrating to step up to the 8 species of Speyeria
blasting about that one doesn't deal with for the rest of the year, but the beauty and the spirit of everyone there is magical.
Worked on my High Sierra wildflowers this year. The meadow near my tent was a magnificent classroom for this new focus.
My favorite moment this season: at a moth sheet/light with Dr. Jerry Powell learning my aquatic insects...and slaughtering my Latin. I'm bravely moving into moth Genera and he puts up with my constant mistakes, but laughs at my jokes.
The focus for years has been Lepidoptera but iNaturalist has opened up my eyes to all the other stupendous nature in this High Sierra wonderland.

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