Insect Overload!

A few weeks ago, probably around March or April, I kept on observing the Spotted Cucumber Beetle. After a while, I felt a little guilty---I was overloading the database with observations of something extremely common.

And then they stopped. I am still looking for them, but they don't seem to be present. As is often the case, maybe I just am not looking in the right place, but it also seems that this is a real pattern.

So anyone, the past few weeks, the newest things has been... Lady Beetles. Spittlebugs, too, but lets talk about the Lady Beetles. Everywhere! I have observed them in all four phases of their lifecycle, eggs, larva, pupae, adults, and even mating adults. I certainly am learning about the Ladybirds and the Bees! :) And much as before, I feel I am overloading the database. And my own mind! Do I need to observe every one I see?

I don't, but I also feel it is good information to have. Fascinating to me, and they are charismatic. But just as the little green Spotted Cucumber Beetle was a good sign of early pollinator activity, and might have some type of keystone role in the ecosystem, they swarming presence of the Lady Beetle says a lot.

For one thing, we have had an early warm season, with the usual cool rainy May hardly present at all. Instead, we are having June or even July weather in May, and I wonder if the Ladybirds are related to that. So that is why I still feel it is a good idea to get lots of observations of them.

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Chinita Arlequín (Harmonia axyridis)




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This was on a mustard plant growing on a median outside of a gas station. Are Lady Beetles always this common, or is this a heavy year?


I agree!

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