Project Update

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since our last update, I want to welcome all of our new members. The project has grown so much and we have now observed over 1000 species and have over 800 contributors! We seriously cannot thank you all enough for helping us collect this data and are working on ways to start showing our appreciation. We are creating spaces where GO-SEA members can interact and chat with fellow ocean-lovers, working on member incentives, and are in the process of creating a tool that allows you to explore your observations more deeply. This tool will use your observations in addition to local weather and ocean current data to allow you to discover ocean processes occurring in your area!

A quick update on the project protocol because I know it is a bit different than most projects. Whenever you find the surface life in our field guide ( upload your observations to the project. When you go to the beach and do not find any surface life, upload ONE observation of your choice. This will help you build up patterns in your observations, a record of both when things are around AND when they are not. This also helps our scientists to understand where our targeted organisms can be found at any point in time. All observations must be manually added to the project, which can be done when they are initially being posted to iNaturalist. When uploading past observations, please only upload the organisms on our field guide.

Happy beachcombing!

Ari Puentes

Publicado el marzo 11, 2022 12:29 MAÑANA por goseascience goseascience


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