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Hi, combers! I’m super stoked to announce that we now have over 1000 contributors and 430 members of our GO-SEA project. We are so thankful for how much the project has grown and for all of you wonderful people who are helping us do science in what I believe to be the most rewarding way, as a community.

Some of you may not know, but we feature iNaturalist photos on our Instagram and Twitter! Go check them out if you haven’t already (@goseascience)… your photos might be featured and you just don’t know it yet. In addition to showing off photos from our iNaturalist community, our social media pages are also a great way to learn more about surface life! Do you have photos or videos that you’d like to have featured on our social media pages? We accept submissions, simply DM or email your photos or videos to us. You can also request more info on a certain topic or organism.

As always it’s a pleasure to see what you find!

-Ari Puentes

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