Diario del proyecto 2022 Utah Spider Fest BioBlitz

05 de agosto de 2022

3 days to go!

There have been some great spider finds in Utah so far this week, and we're excited to see what else you come across! The bioblitz runs through Sunday 8/7, so there are three more days to find spiders! Know others in central or southern Utah? If so, spread the word! We'd love to see more observations come in from across the state. You can see the map of current observations here. More Spider Fest fun:

  • NHMU will be at Spider Fest on Antelope Island this Saturday. We'll be helping to guide spider walks, answer your spider questions, take pictures of the local arachnids, make g spider art, talk about tarantulas (presentation by Christy Bills at 2pm), and share some highlights from this bioblitz (presentation by Ellen Eiriksson at 3pm). See you there?
  • Interested in submitting spider photos to iNaturalist that can be ID'd as much as possible? Read our guide to making ideal spider observations on iNaturalist.

@tigerbb and @yulianaspiderz, what observations have you been excited to see come through so far?

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30 de julio de 2022

Calling all Utah spider observers!

The Utah Spider BioBlitz starts August 1st, and we need your help looking for spiders! We're aiming to boost spider biodiversity records in the state and share the UT spider love virtually, all in celebration of Antelope Island State Park's annual Spider Fest. Any observations you make of spiders August 1-7th in Utah will automatically count towards the 2022 Spider BioBlitz. Last year's BioBlitz identified over 50 species, including some first records on iNaturalist in UT...what will you find this year? We're excited to find out!

-The Natural History Museum of Utah Citizen Science team

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