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BioBlitz at Indian Creek Ranch - April 12-14, 2024

This journal post is for logistics related to the April 12-14, 2024 ICR BioBlitz. In 2022, we made about 1,400 observations and it was a hot, dry winter. So far, this year, we have been getting considerably more rain. Indian Creek Ranch is a privately owned, 10,000 acre hunting ranch, located about 1/2 an hour SW of Rocksprings, TX. Lat/long is: 29.84797, -100.33126. The terrain is varied from steep ravines to large patches of grassland. Here is the link to the ICR iNat page.

I think I have received all the permissions that I will from landowners. We have about 1900 acres to explore, a lot of which may be reached on foot from our base camp on Tract 7 in Phase 2. The map may be seen here.

Those who come would need to sign a liability waiver.

For the hub of operations, we will be in the Phase 1 & 2 part of the ranch, which is a short drive up a steep hill, so bringing a camper is not recommended unless you have 4 wheel drive. There will be plenty of room to park a car, pitch a tent, and set up mothing stations. Electricity will be available as well as access to an indoor bathroom with a shower. A fridge and limited cooking facilities will also be available. Additionally, there are some motels, a B&B and places with power to park a travel trailer in Rocksprings.

For birds seen at the ranch, my list of species has been created as a journal post and includes rare gems such as montezuma quail, golden-cheeked warbler, and black-capped vireo.

Directions to where we will be camping during the BioBlitz:
Overview map and directions
Detailed directions with pictures
Detailed directions with no pictures (same as the previous but more printer friendly)

Tagging folks that were tagged in @pfau_tarleton 's 2024 bioblitz planning post. Please pass this along to individuals I missed.

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